Welcome to CaptionConnect, the leading solution for accessible and inclusive education.

Our powerful cloud-based automatic captioning and translation software revolutionises the way educators connect with students. Convert speech to text in real-time, providing accurate captions and translation in over 140 languages. Break communication barriers, foster engagement, and ensure no student is left behind.

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    Features of CaptionConnect


    Real-time Captioning and Translation


    Easy Access to Audio and Transcripts


    Ensure every student is included


    Access class content in real-time


    Faster, Accurate, and Cost-effective


    No Installation Hassles


    Live Translation and Two-Way Translation


    Enterprise Security


    Data hosted in Australia


    Why Choose CaptionConnect?

    Unlock Student Potential:

    CaptionConnect enables students to fully participate in class, enhancing their learning experience and academic success.

    Robust Feature Set:

    Enjoy a comprehensive suite of features, including Virtual meeting integration, Live Translation, access to the audio and transcript files and more.

    Seamless Integration:

    Our intuitive software seamlessly integrates with existing technology and can be used on various devices, allowing for a smooth transition into an inclusive classroom environment.



    • “I enjoyed using CaptionConnect, it followed the teachers words as they spoke, this improved my learning and knowledge. It is easy to use it and helped me to participate in the lessons.”

      -Caroline 2020 VCE Student

    • "CaptionConnect has been a game-changer for our school. It has empowered our Deaf students to actively participate in class discussions and has boosted their confidence."

      -Amal Ali

      Student Coordinator

    • "I can't imagine teaching without CaptionConnect. It has transformed the way I reach my Deaf students and has created a more inclusive and engaging learning environment."

      -Josh Darryl



    How CaptionConnect works?


    Real-Time Speech-To-Text

    CaptionConnect converts spoken words, which are displayed on both the teacher and students' screens simultaneously. The teacher wears a wireless microphone and the software converts the audio to text fast and accurately using Artificial Intelligence.


    Flexible Learning Options

    Students can access the transcripts from anywhere, whether they are in the same classroom, learning remotely, or even in a different country. With CaptionConnect, the power of education has no boundaries.


    Ready to make your classroom inclusive and empower your students? Contact the team at CaptionConnect today and experience the benefits firsthand.